Pressing In - 2015

Our walk with God was not meant to be at the same place. The closer we get to God the more we realize the depths we are to reach. God is always doing something new. We can know Him more than we know Him currently. We can serve Him more than we serve Him currently. We can love Him more than we love Him currently. Everything good on our lives can become better. We must forget about where we are now and press in to God.

We must not just rely on our past encounters with God. God wants us to experience new encounters today. We must let go of our past and begin to hold onto that which is ahead of us. Some of the things in our past might even be good but God want us to reach out for the best. We must not spend time talking only of our past experiences while new experiences are waiting for us. We must do more than we used to do. We must press in by praying more than we are doing now. We must press in by reading our Bible more now than we used to. We must press in by giving more than we used to do. Our focus must not be to have more of God rather our focus must be to get where God expects us to be. Our focus must be Jesus!! We must press in not looking at others. We must never think our walk with God is okay because we seem to be doing better than others are doing. Jesus must be our focus. He is our standard.

There are a lot of things in God that we have to pursue. The things won’t come to us easily. We must stop being lazy about the things of God. We must chase after God. God would only satisfy us with how deep we are interested in Him. There must be a desire inside of us for God. We would find Him only when we seek Him.

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