A true sign that we are disciples of Jesus is that we are fruitful. Jesus was fruitful while he walked the earth. God after creating man gave him a command to be fruitful and multiply. (Gen 1:28) To be fruitful is to bring forth or grow.

God’s desire for us is to bring forth and grow. We are to grow in all we do from our walk with God to all we do in life. We must grow in knowing and becoming like Jesus. We must also grow and increase in our service to God. We must not be at the same place. We must continually increase. God is a God of growth. What we start must not die.

What we put our hands to must multiply. As leaders, our members God entrusts into our care must increase both in number and also in their personal relationship with God. As followers, we must also have a desire to grow and become fruitful so that we can also have members. We must never remain the same after being disciples. We must be fruitful and increase.

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