Hunger for God

Matthew 5:6

God promises to fill us once we hunger and thirst for Him. There is an emptiness or void in each of us that only God can fill. After we become born again, we need to stay in a consistent walk with God. We need to desire more of God each time. It is a personal hunger and thirst for God that would cause one to chase after God.

A hunger is a desire to be filled. When we don’t desire to be filled by God, we would desire for other things. A hunger for God id what makes us consistently want to spend time with Him. A hunger for Him would make us want to serve Him faithfully. Anytime we realize we are not interested in spending time with Him, we should know that we don’t have a hunger for Him.

Our hunger for Him must increase with time. The closer we get to know Him, the more end up desiring more of Him. A hunger for God must be personal. No one would desire God for you. A group might hunger and desire to be filled by God but each of us must also have a personal hunger for God. A hunger for God would make you overcome any form of obstacle when it comes to pleasing God. A hunger for God is what we need in a time like this when men have set their hearts on things of this world. A hunger for God is what makes us go all out for Jesus!

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